Save Attachments from Email - Size Filter


I would like to save the attachments from Email but I want to skip images from signature. I found a solution to get the files larger that 15kb. How to write such rule for filter? Or is there maybe a better way to skip images from signature?



wouldn’t it be better to just save the file-Types you want to process? For example if you excpect an Excel-File then set the “Filter” at “Save email Attachments” to “.*(.xlsx|.XLSX)”

Hi, but I expect all types of attachments :frowning:


ok, I can do something with excluding .gif . How to write such rule?

Hi @logan.capp … are you using Outlook or Imap activities?

Hi, Outlook

Since you already have solution this problem, i am just showing to where to add that query …This screenshot is just sample where I have to added my filter query

I am still not sure, is this what you are looking for?