Hello UiPath,

a tiny question: Tomorrow starts in Orlando the SAPPHIRE NOW and I see in the session catalog that UiPath is involved into four sessions, with very interesting topics.

Also I see that SAP launch their own iRPA product. How is UiPath positioning itself to that?

Thanks and best regards

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Hi Stefan!

This is normal practice for SAP to adopt new technologies in their native application. As you probably know we have a large market presence when it comes to automation on SAP UI level. Most of SAP’s enterprises have a heterogeneous application environment ranging from Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, Coupa, and including SAP acquisitions like SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, etc. Such heterogeneous environments require an independent RPA vendor to seamlessly automate business processes. We are also helping SAP customers with the migration from R/3, ECC and other legacy ERPs to S/4HANA, decreasing the risk by validation of critical business processes at scale, faster, at lower cost, and with less errors.

We will still invest in SAP automation by supporting key SAP UI technologies, certifying our BAPI automation solution, being present at Sapphire NOW for the first time (as you already mentioned).
Bottom line, we will continue to strengthen our relationship with SAP by offering value to SAP’s core strategy and are in close cooperation with SAP technology partners such as Celonis.

Will you be present at the Sapphire NOW in Orlando? If so, you should meet my colleagues :slight_smile:



Good Moorning Viorela,
thank you very much for your response and your clear words about your strategy. It is good to know that you will go straight ahead.
Unfortunately I am not in Orlando, I would give a lot to be there, to get information and to discuss with the participants about RPA e.g. your colleagues. :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards

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