[SAP Webgui] SAP checkbox in datatable range - get atribute

Hi everyone!

My purpose: I would like to know which rows had checked on the checkbox. (as in the image below)


I checked the F12 on the webpage and see that with the row checked, in that row will have the command like the pic as below:

After that, I check table col & table rows via UIExplorer and see that all rows don’t run numbers like “1,2,3,…”, I cannot find out the rule for run numbers.

Please help me with these questions.

Thank you so much!

Hi @khanh_dinh ,

Have you performed a Check through UiExplorer ? Could you provide us a Screenshot of the UiExplorer if you were not able to find any attribute that could help ?

Hi SupermanPunch,

Please see the image below:

Pic1: UIExplorer for checkbox no.1

Pic2: UIExplorer for checkbox no.2