SAP - Unable to export to Spreadsheet

Hi All,
I am encountering a new issue in SAP wherein I need to export the table data to an excel file but I couldn’t, as the layout is not recognizing (Error: “UI element is no longer valid”) as a screenshot in Click activity. But, the same process I have done two weeks back and that’s executing fine.SAP

Following methods have been tried but didn’t work :):roll_eyes:

  1. Type Into (down, enter)
  2. Send Hotkey (down, enter)
  3. Click/Double Click

Kindly suggest…

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Which application are you using? (SAPGUI?, Internet Explorer?)

I have seen issues like this on some websites in IE. If it’s an IE issue you could try using Chrome to see if it works better.

If you provide the full selector using UiExplorer that might show the problem better.


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@ClaytonM Thanks for your reply. I’m actually facing this error in SAP GUI. I couldn’t get the selector as the UiElement for spreadsheet is not detecting. I tried both “indicate on screen” as well as launched “Ui Explorer”. Kindly suggest :):slightly_smiling_face:

Hmmm, that’s weird cause it should detect the element as long as it’s not in a Citrix environment. Does it let you select the other elements?

You could also try using Click Text activity on the dropdown element as a workaround, until you figure out why you can’t select it.


@ClaytonM Amazing! That worked:star_struck: . Thanks a lot Clayton :blush: :bouquet: . Appreciate your quick assistance :slight_smile:

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