SAP testing environment

What is the best way to manage SAP test environments?
to easily roll back changes made during testing and manage the test environments themselves, if there are several of them

Hey @Vlad_Svitelskyi ,
Are you looking for ways to manage the SAP environment (which SID to choose on the GUI) during the connection to SAP? Or are you referring to tests being done via BAPI connection?
For the later I would store the connection string details as arguments/variables as referenced here: Activities - About the SAP BAPI Activities Package (

If you are looking for the SAP GUI piece I would also use those as arguments and pass the arguments for the instance you are looking to test - so the same workflow can be reused to test from Sandbox → Test → QA → Prod kind of scenario (if this makes sense). Leveraging arguments for those dynamic values usually works well for me.

Hope this helps!