SAP recording and invoke the script in UIPath

I am looking or options to do SAP recording and invoke the script in UIPath instead of using direct desktop recording in SAP. Can someone give advantage of each approach

Hi @lawanyaram
Check this link fro your reference

Ashwin S

Thanks Ashwin. SAP Automation talks about using recording in SAP. I am looking for doing recording directly in SAP, generating vbs script file and calling it directly in UIPAth

Hi, maybe you mean the SAP GUI script recorder? On the toolbar click this icon to “customize Local Layout” or hit Alt+F12, select “Script Recording and Playback”.

You should be able to figure out things yourself from there.

However I have used it for a long time and I find automating via UiPath much, but much simpler and faster

Hi @lawanyaram
did you find how to invoke scripting?

SAP Scripting by sap recording lets use only one thread!