SAP Invoice : retrieve data

I need help on the following :
I need to extract the value of condition type of a SAP Invoice. The condition type will be specified in an excell document

Example :
SAP Invoice 1
Amount : 2000 Eur
VAT : 21%
Country Tax : 3%

SAP Invoice 2
Amount : 2000 Eur
VAT : 0%
Country Tax : 7%

In an excel cell, we put VAT.
Ui Path open the invoice and go through all the conditions, locate VAT and write the value in another excel cell : 21% and 0%


Hi @thierry.kala

When you mean SAP invoice, are you saying Launch SAP, navigate to FBL1N or some other T-Code or do you mean an actual PDF invoice?

Hi @Jatin_Nandwani

Not in the pdf.
I open the invoice with VF03. Then I click on a material then on tab condition
here I have a column with condition type and another one with Amount.
I’d like to retrieve that amount


Hi @thierry.kala

Is it possible to provide a screenshot. Since there’s a way within SAP to extract the table as a list and a spreadsheet.

Hi @Jatin_Nandwani
For confidentiality reasons I can’t provide screenshoot.
However it’s like in the screenshots of link below :

In the 4th screenshot, you have PR00 = 1755 Eur.
My goal is to extract only the value ( 1755 eur ) of PR00 in several invoices.
I’d like UiPath to open invoice ( VF03 ) click on Material - Click on Tab condition -
find the PR00 and write the Amounts in an excel cell

Hi @thierry.kala

You can find the List export options at the top in File, edit and export menu options.

Download the table as a list type, parse through that, find the PR00 row item and find the corresponding amount from it. Hope it helps

By using regex we can do,
system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(Invoice_Variable,“(?<=VAT :\s).*”)
pass this syntax out_put to excel column.