SAP FBL3N export file not working

Hi everyone !

I’m working on SAP and with the FBL3N transaction I need to load Excel files in SAP.

I go through these steps:




Everything is going well and I validate all the pop up but when the client check the for the files, nothing appears (90% of the time, sometime the files are there)

When I do the same steps manually, the files are loaded.

If you have any insights please let me know.

Have a nice day.

You can try to synchronize the bot with e.g. retry scope activity that the popup is properly loaded and then click for the report. It will avoid, that the bot clicks too fast and unsuccessfully

Hello Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve added some delay and element exists to prepare for this eventuality. Every thing is done well, I can check it with the highlight in debug mode.

we can use this technique to explore and to verifiy our guess. Does mean when with an added delay the bot runs 100% we had proven that there is a sync issue.

As the debug mode runs less fast, we often have better results as it not miss the hot milliseconds as when running within the run mode

the benefit of using retry scope vs. delays is the flexibility that the bot continues once the condition is met. So in other words: the bots as as needed instead of the hard coded delays where the bot also wait, but could already continue.

Just check a few more runs and once you are sure on the details, decide which strategy fits better to your scenario

Thank you for the explanations. Unfortunatly nothing has changed with it