SAP Automation - Netweaver - GUI

Hi all,

Is there a difference in SAP automation scenarios when using SAP Netweaver vs. SAP GUI?
In my previous POC, I could select the elements/text boxes of a SAP form.
in my current one (SAP Netweaver), in “set text” when indicating an element, it selects the entire window.
for instance, I want to set the value of “Company Code” to “01”, but cannot.

Any ideas?

Hi @nikosan,

SAP Netweaver is written in ABAP or JAVA. So can you please check that java extension is installed or not in your system. If not then install java,set environment variables and then install java extension.
I guess it will work fine then.



Have you enabled the SAP script in both client and server side ?

Uipath will identify elements once you enabled script only.