SAML Integration not working

Hi All, We are integrating UIPath orchestrator with SAML idp. certificate from idp imported and web.config changed as per documentation. No changes noticed when we launch the url . url is not redirecting to idp.
Here is the example block added to configuration.

<sustainsys.saml2 entityId=“” returnUrl=“”>


Any input to troubleshoot this saml integration is appreciated.


Just a question @angina_babu, Can you please let me know you are using the Enterprise or community orchestrator?

Hi Harish,

We are using Enterprise Orchestrator.



Hi Harish,

The latest error we are getting when I click on SAML2 login tab is “ Invalid requester”.

May be some changes needed in web.config file. Please advice.



I recently had to troubleshoot SAML authentication. Enabling debugging and systems.diagnostics helped out.

Details on enabling it can be found in my follow-up post

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