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I try to get the common elements of 2 lists of strings. Is there any regex expression that i can do in order to have a 3rd List of Strings with the common values from my initial 2 Lists?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Paul_Andrei_Turcu

Can you share the sample input and Output with us


Hey @Paul_Andrei_Turcu,

You can use the below method.

c = a.Intersect(b).Any()


Hi @Paul_Andrei_Turcu ,
There is no need of Regex in the above operation you mentioned you can achieve it with following steps:
List1.Intersect(List2)------this will help you get a list of common values between 2 lists
List1.Intersect(List2).Any()-------this will help you to get a boolean value which will help you to know if there is any common values between 2 lists.

Now taking this points in consideration I have created a sample workflow for you.
Sequence1.xaml (9.6 KB)

You can edit the lists by changing values here:

and here

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

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