Same Dynamic Selectors for different inputboxes being generated in a ZK Framework Based App

I have a Web App that has been developed based on the ZK Framework (AJAX based) and it contains different input boxes for dates such as Start Date, Announcement Date etc on the same page.

I want to set the date of that box to today’s date(System Date).This part i have achieved by using the DateTime Module but i’m not able to locate the selector of the dialog box as it keeps on changing. By using Wildcards such as ? and *, i was able to pin point one of the two boxes but now any set text or type into indicates that first box when i use wildcard based selector as it is the first one of the two.

Any help is appreciated.
Here is the selector for one of the boxes.

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use tableCol and Tablerow properties

Both have same tableCol=1 and tableRow=1 since their parents are different. The whole heirarchy of selectors that you see in the image are generated with minor differences for every element and thus wildcards lead to the first element that matches.

is it possible to share application url?

Not Possible since the application is running on a UAT server inside the company’s domain.

Hi @jaydeepganatra

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You could still try the Indicate Anchor option. How it works:

  1. First select your target element in UiExplorer
  2. Then, select an anchor (for example, a label for the field).

UiExplorer should then display you a new selector that is referencing both your original field and the anchor. It could work nicely in your case :slight_smile:

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Hi @loginerror,

I tried you way but the labels also have a weird selector just like the input boxes.
I’m attaching an example where i’ve used anchors to indicate the box but it still doesn’t work.
My point being that since each element in this page is related to a DOM element,even though it’s a label whose value doesn’t change, their DOM element id changes if any of the other elements is updated leading to a unstable selector for a relatively static element.

Typically, my next step would be to manually check all lines in the tree for properties that could contain human readable name for the field.

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