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Hi everyone,

I have an excel tabel with first name and last name, and I need to merge the first name cell and the last name cell, add them in a different cell with middle name in between. How can I do this?

Hi @Gabriel2

Use build datatable activity and use add data row activity and give {row(“first name”).ToString+row(“last name”).ToString and try to b ind the Data in the write range and check

Thanks Ashwin.S

Thanks for the fast response Ashwin.S but I am currently working with studioX and there is no build datatabele activity, or I can’t find it…

Hi @Gabriel2

Try to use add data row and use write range


for each row in excel and indicate the range or the table where you have your data and also including your new concatenated column.
then check has headers
add inside write cell -> text editor and on drop down menu select the two columns and then save
destination just select the third column


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Thanks alot Horia_Bleu. It worked perfectly :smile:

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