Combine firstname and last name as full name

Hi Iam trying to automate in customers data trying to join first name and last name from excel column and store value in new column as full name ! Iam using excel process scope but Iam getting error do:- column first name does not exist ! How to solve it !

Hi @Zara_Choudhary

Can you share screen shot of your workflow.

Hi @Zara_Choudhary, welcome to the Community.

You can consider this approach as your objective is to write a full name in another column.

  1. Read the excel data using Read Range activity & store the result in a datatable variable dt.
  2. Add a column named FullName using the activity Add Data Column.
  3. Implement this query inside an Invoke Code activity:

row(“FullName”) = row(“FirstNameColumn”).ToString + “ “ + row(“LastNameColumn”).ToString
End Sub)

  1. Write the datatable dt into an excel file using Write Range activity.

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As you already have data in excel…you can use excel formula for this

In the column you want the full name say it is C and say data is there in A and B columns

Then use a write cell activity with cell as "C2" and value as "=CONCAT(A2,"" "",B2)"

Then use a auto fill range activity and give the range in it and the formula would be filled till the end

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Thank you !

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