Salesforce Integration - Execute Report returning empty

I am trying to return the rows of a given report from Salesforce.
But, when running the activity “Execute Report”, only the report schema is being returned, and not the report data. I dont know if this is a problem with some kind of permissions in Salesforce that controls directly the way reports are returned via API, or something like that. Besides that, is still wierd how only the schema is returned. No errors comeback from the activity call too.

The report has some filters, and sometimes these filter will made the report empty, but that not case here, since im double checking if the report has data or no.

Any ideias? Permission maybe?

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Did you find an answer to this question? I’m running into the same issue, unsure why - the report has values.

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Check the salesforce integration user permissions to execute reports and to see report fields

Thanks for the response. Integration user has the correct permissions, I was able to get results for a different report. It looks like ‘Execute Report’ fails if there’s a ‘group by’ in the report, no way to specify ‘export only detail lines’ the way you can from the UI

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An Alternative is use SOQL to get the desired data. It works like a charm and still manage to prevent from someone to change the report metadada and consequently break your bots

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I guess your report type is a custom report type and you have “Object A with or without Object B” and in that case your object A does not related to Object B record so therefore your filter would only filter out object A.
Try to Change Custom Object.

Hello Lucas,
I don’t know if there special permission in salesforce for Reports. But I can show you how to approach Report in 3 different ways in this movie:

Cristian Negulescu