Want to download Salesforce report for certain Ids

Hello All,

I want to download a particular report from salesforce only for some IDs. Complete report is not required.
What is the way forward?

Sanket Agarwal

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Hey @Sanket_Agarwal

I beleive, There should be some manual steps for the same right.

So just try programming the same to the automation like click type etc…

That may help you automate the task


Hello @Sanket_Agarwal .

Can you give some more insights to the task which you are trying to automate?
That will be helpful to find a right solution. Share some screenshot also.


I wanted to integrate the salesforce with UI path. Using click feature is another option but I wanted to go for a better option by integration. That’ll be fast I guess, isn’t it ?

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Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

So basically I’m trying to run a particular report on Salesforce only for certain Ids and then I want to execute it for those ids only. Because the complete report will be very big and complete data will not fit into the report. So that is a limitation. I saw two options on google to do that- using execute report based on filters and Get Data Wizard option. Is there any other better option there ? Or out of these two which one is better?

Thanks in advanced

So if you search with the ID, will the report be a big one? Also did you explored the salesforce activities?

Hey @Sanket_Agarwal

Then you will need to go with Salesforce activity pack, thanks


Yes Rahul, With Ids report size will be hardly in 20-30 kb.
I have explored Salesforce activities, “export report with filter” is one.
However I was working on “Get Data Wizard” which is also a salesforce activity.

Thank You Nithin,
will try and let you know if Get data wizard will work otherwise i’ll try to use execute report with filter.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan @Nithinkrishna
Hey guys,
I’m still not successful with this issue.
I tried “GET DATA SOQL” activity but it is every time returning with error, there is no rows and column in the data table.
I’m attaching my flow and SQL query for your reference.
Can you please help me with this, or if there is any other workflow which will deliver the same result?
Thank you both in advance


hELLO @Sanket_Agarwal ,

Please check whether this can help you.

Hey @Sanket_Agarwal

Basically you are connecting to Salesforce DB using that Get activity, am I right ?

Also, is there any error or it’s just that no data is been responded ?


Yes @Nithinkrishna you are correct.
No error just blank sheet.

I tried the solution provided by @Rahul_Unnikrishnan in the last response, but it’ll need me to install a DB provider for salesforce which is not a feasible option because company won’t allow.

Hey @Sanket_Agarwal

The query which you are passing - is that correct ?

Do we need quotes for table name ?