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After the recent package update to v1.7.0 I have been experiencing a lot of failed processes due to Error code: [INVALID_SESSON_ID]. At first I thought that the connection just timed out so I have moved the Salesforce connection activity within the For each loop so connection is renewed for each row of the datatable. But still I intermittently get the INVALID_SESSION_ID even if the connection was established within a minute or few seconds ago. Any advice/tips would be appreciated

Hi, we will investigate this and have a response soon. Thanks

Thanks @Subrahmanyan_Sankaran. And as an additional information which might help in your investigation is that we have discovered that the Salesforce Application Scope is throwing an exception if the connection has failed even if the option “ReportApiErrorAsException” was not checked. Error message was “error=unsupported_token_type&error_description=this%20token%20type%20is%20not%20supported”


We are not able to reproduce an INVALID SESSION ID scenario for v17.0 and the workflow ran long enough, for more than 3-4 minutes. Are you still getting this error?


Hello @Subrahmanyan_Sankaran, yes I am still getting this error intermittently. It happens on the update record activity. At the moment I have used a workaround by surrounding the Salesforce activity into a try catch and just retrying the connection and update record when it fails.

Hi, we will add update record to workflow and get back to you on the same. Thanks

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Hi @Subrahmanyan_Sankaran ,

any further information on that issue? Since couple of weeks we are facing the same error around 2 times a day. error happens occassionally and not everytime.


Hi @Subrahmanyan_Sankaran ,

Are there any update on this issue? I have encountered the same problem recently. Mine happened at the upload file activity, and yes, it is occasional but still it makes the RPA unreliable.


Hi @nhat.pham I have solved it via a workaround, I enclosed the salesforce activity with a try catch and added a retry in case of exceptions.