Running one process by two users at the same time

I made on process that converts word to PDF. This process takes path of the HTML file from user in the form of an Input Argument.
User gives the path of the word file that needs to be converted to PDF. Then we send API request and it runs the process.

The issue comes when 2 or more users send the API request at the same time. We get response that previous job is still pending. Then user has to wait to till the job gets completed then only another user can start the process.

Is there a way by which multiple users can send API request at the same time and all the request either gets completed or it makes a queue of all the pending request and completes all the jobs one after the other?

If the same process is running and if you trigger it for another time, it will be added to the queue @Anamika15 , when you try to trigger it one more time, then it will throw the error

Thanks for the response. I want to highlight below points:

  1. My jobs are not schedeled. I am executiong them via API call where user is giving the input. Hence this can not be scheduled.
  2. In my case the even a single job is not getting queued. Its throwing the below error when 2nd user calls the API when the request by 1st user is still going on:
    “message”: “The robots already have pending jobs for this Process”,
    “errorCode”: 1670,
    “resourceIds”: null

There may be two issues for that @Anamika15

  1. May be the process in the queue are still running or
  2. The username is not correct

Can you please check if the username for the ROBOT you provided while provisioning is the same as the one you get when running the command whoami in the commmand prompt


  1. There is no process in the queue.
  2. I checked the username and its correct.
    My robot is working. No issue with that… I just need to know if there is a way by which 2 or more users can send API command to run the same process at the same time.

It is not at all possible to run the process at a same time as the Robot will be busy running the first process @Anamika15