Running a spyglass shell in jenkins pipeline

Hi I am new to Jenkins and at present exploring the Continuous Integration feature using a Jenkins Pipeline project. I use this to perform a Spyglass Build on my FPGA vivado project. The jenkins file script runs once i push any change in my GitLab vivado project. If I run the commands on lsf grid terminal(remote desktop) it works fine. Here is my Jenkins script.

pipeline {
    agent {
        // runs on lsf 
        label 'grid'
    options {
        timeout(time: 800, unit: 'MINUTES')
        buildDiscarder(logRotator(artifactDaysToKeepStr: '14', artifactNumToKeepStr: '7', daysToKeepStr: '14', numToKeepStr: '7'))
    environment {
    stages {
        stage('Build and run') {
            steps { // use shell commands
                sh label: '', script: '''#!/bin/bash
                    module load git/2_22_0
                    git lfs install
                    git submodule foreach git lfs pull
                    git submodule update --recursive --remote
                    module load lsf
                    module load spyglass/M_2017_03_SP2
                    bsub -Is -q i_soc_rh7 -R "rusage[mem=25600]" sg_shell
                    open_project /users/marvels/spyglass_work_dir_2/captain_120.prj
                    source spyglass.tcl


sg_shell is the spyglass tool terminal. Here I am trying to open a spyglass terminal and then run the spyglass commands. The tcl file also has some spyglass rules to perform the analysis on the opened proj. I get the following error after the jenkins pipeline is built. I have copied a part of the log file here.

15:30:29  [Pipeline] // stage
15:30:29  [Pipeline] withEnv
15:30:29  [Pipeline] {
15:30:29  [Pipeline] withEnv
15:30:29  [Pipeline] {
15:30:29  [Pipeline] timestamps
15:30:29  The timestamps step is unnecessary when timestamps are enabled for all Pipeline builds.
15:30:29  [Pipeline] {
15:30:29  [Pipeline] timeout
15:30:29  Timeout set to expire in 13 hr
15:30:29  [Pipeline] {
15:30:29  [Pipeline] stage
15:30:29  [Pipeline] { (Build and run)
15:30:29  [Pipeline] sh
15:30:29  Updated git hooks.
15:30:29  Git LFS initialized.
15:31:38  Job <26375005> is submitted to queue <i_soc_rh7>.
15:31:38  <<Waiting for dispatch ...>>
15:31:38  <<Starting on oulng200>>
15:31:38  +------------------------------------------------------------------+
15:31:38  |                                                                  |
15:31:38  | SpyGlass Predictive Analyzer(R) -                                |
15:31:38  | Last compiled on Aug 24 2017                                     |
15:31:38  |                                                                  |
15:31:38  | All Rights Reserved.                                             |
15:31:38  | without prior written permission of Synopsys Inc. is prohibited. |
15:31:38  | Technical support: email          |
15:31:38  +------------------------------------------------------------------+
15:31:38  To access quickstart manual, please use `man quickstart'
15:31:38  /userwork10/socci_lsf/jenkins-slaves/sochw-oulnxc58/workspace/Examples/test1_tmp/durable-c699ec59/ line 12: open_project: command not found
15:31:38  ./spyglass.tcl: line 3: read_file: command not found
15:31:38  ./spyglass.tcl: line 6: set_option: command not found
15:31:38  ./spyglass.tcl: line 7: set_option: command not found
15:31:38  ./spyglass.tcl: line 8: set_option: command not found

I am not sure what the error is. Is the sg_shell not opened for the commands to run? Also i had one more query. If i want to run these commands on my lsf grid where do i mention the build path?Will that solve my issue?

Hi @Amy1103

Could you please provide more context here? It is hard to conclude that it is a UiPath related question.