"Run with Data Variations" is not Visible

Hi Team,
Im trying to execute the test case with input data as excel file. While executing the test case, I don’t see the option “Run with Data Variations” to execute all the rows in the excel file. Can some one help?

Im using the 2024.10.0 community edition studio.

I can’t even see the “Test Case with Data Driven” option.

Hi @vishal_raghav

Check this thread to get more info

If “Run with data variation” and “Debug with data variation” options are disabled when you change the data source from an Excel file to a Test Data Queue in UiPath, it indicates that UiPath Test Suite doesn’t support data-driven testing directly from Test Data Queues.

Hope it helps!!

Its not disabled. I can’t see those options under the RUN button. Moreover, Im not changing the data source from Excel to Queue. It is only Excel.

Hi @vishal_raghav

Can you try to Reset settings


No @Sai_chnadrika_Kopparapu , it didnt work.

Hi @vishal_raghav

As per my knowledge, run with data variations will not be compatible with the community versions.

I have already cross checked with the community and the Enterprise versions the run with data variations is supported with the enterprise version.

If you want to add the data to the test case using the excel file as input then please select the Add Test Data and select the source as file and then in Test Data select the excel file path and the test data will be uploaded to that particular test case.



I have the same issue, you can right click on test in the test explorer and click run. It will run all test data of your test case. Hope this help And i hope i m right.


Its in the release notes. This isnt a bug or an issue but a different intended way of doing it.

I’m not a fan I think but there seems to be a technical reason for it.