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Hello everyone!
Does anyone have any idea how I could run a python script located in Google Colab from UiPath? what happens is part of the process that I am automating needs that python script to be executed, which takes information from several sheets of google Sheet. I know that UiPath can execute python script, but I would like the script to stay in google colab for user ease, in case he needs to make any changes to the python code

Hello @Juan_Esteban_Valencia, try this set of steps:

  1. Set Up Google Colab:
  • Create and configure your Python script in a Google Colab notebook.
  • Ensure that your Google Sheet data is accessible from the Colab notebook.
  1. Google Colab Sharing:
  • Share the Google Colab notebook with the necessary permissions to a Google account or service account that UiPath can use for authentication.
  1. Google Drive Integration:
  • In UiPath, you can use the “G Suite” activities or Google Drive API to interact with Google Drive. Install the necessary package for Google integration.
  • Authenticate UiPath to access Google Drive using the Google account or service account mentioned in step 2.
  1. UiPath Script:
  • In UiPath, create a workflow where you can use the “Download File” activity to download the Colab notebook (.ipynb file) from Google Drive to your local machine.
  1. Execute Colab Script:
  • Use the “Invoke Python Method” or “Run Python Script” activity in UiPath to run a Python script.
  • In this script, you can use Python libraries like nbconvert to convert the downloaded .ipynb Colab notebook into a .py Python script.
  • After conversion, execute the Python script using the Python activity. This way, you’re running the Python script originally located in Google Colab from UiPath.
  1. Result Handling:
  • If your Python script produces any output files or results, you can use UiPath to process or upload these results back to Google Drive, a cloud storage service, or another destination as needed.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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