Run robot on client machine through

Hi experts,

Request you to assist me in below query

I have developed a bot on client machine. I want to run this bot from page which is hosted on server.

I have tried the following workaround.
I have created a .bat file which is stored on the client machine. This file triggers the uipath bot when you double click on it, but when we try to run the .bat file through wepage hosted on server machine it automatically runs on the server instead of the client machine.

I tried searching on google, but could not find any relevant solution. Can anyone please help.


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Is server hosted and client machine server is different like are they a separate one

Cheers @amkulkarni

Yes, server and client machine are hosted on different machines

is that webpage from where the client server accessed, is set to full screen
and for that we can use MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity so that the bat file if called will be called inside the client server and not from your local server

Cheers @amkulkarni