Run Python Script: One or more errors occurred. (Python 스크립트 실행 중 오류)

아나콘다에서는 정상적으로 실행되는 코드인데 UiPath에서는 실행시 오류가 뜹니다. 왜 이럴까요?

In anaconda, it is code that executes normally, but in UiPath, an error appears when executing. Why is it like this?


  1. Are you pastinn the script in eun script?
  2. Please ipen the exception details from local panel and check which is the exact error

And what version of python is your?

Did you configure python scope properly?



여기서 오류의 원인을 확인할 수 있을까요?!


Yes expand the exception details

And for run python script…the script is to be pasted directly and not the py file…

If you have a py file then use load python script and then invoke