Run Macro/ VBA Code without Excel Scope

Is there a way to run a Macro/ VBA code without using Excel Application Scope. It is always my preference to do data manipulations without opening Excel as much as possible. I have been burned on Microsoft updates when relying on opening the application on a VM. The popups letting you know there something new or something has changed to the application that affects the bot process.
So my original question is there a way to do some sort of Read Range into a variable and performing some Macro on the data without opening Excel?


You can have the excel process run in the background, just make sure to NOT check the “visible” property of the application scope. Your machine still needs to be licensed, but it is just the process that is running (using the windows/microsoft api) rather than interacting visibly like a user. No popups, etc can happen that way.

If you truly wish to avoid the excel scope (i wouldnt recommend that route), you can use a .vbs file instead. YOu’ll have to make a few slight alterations to the code to convert from VBA → VB but it is generally pretty simple.

You can also import excel.interop to utilize code to manipulate your excel, or you could use powershell, but if you’re going that far with it there isn’t even much point in using uipath at all for that process

Hey Dave, thanks for your prompt response. I like the idea of turning off the visibility! If it eliminates the popups and Excel essentially runs in the background that sounds like good solution towards what I am trying to achieve.


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No worries! That setting is what I always use as the default unless I am doing some debugging while building a bot, or if it is meant to be user-interactable.

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