"Run from this Activity", "Run for this activity" and "Test activity" don't work properly

Hi there

I’m trying to execute one of this tree options (“Run from this Activity”, “Run for this activity” and “Test activity”)

But none of them works propertly.

“Run from this Activity”> It starts at the beginner of my workflow

“Run for this activity”> It starts at the beginner of my workflow

“Test activity”> Starts at the activity that i point to, but the brick poits doesn’t work properly



@Mario_Gomes_Moreira_WINNI can you please share a screenshot of your workflow and explain why do you consider it is not working properly? What is your expectation for the run/test experience?

Also check our docs: Test Activities

Hi @Mario_Gomes_Moreira_WINNI

I believe that the current behaviour is for the first two options to start at the sequence, but then jump to your desired starting point right away (one Step Into should be enough).

Would you say that your desired behaviour would be for it to immediately go to your current activity instead?

As to your last point, could you elaborate on why the breakpoint does not work correctly? Some screenshots would help here, or even a small recording of the behaviour.