Run a single macro for word on 5 different word files

Hi All,

I have a requirement to run a macro on 5 different word files which are created on each run.

The macro is downloaded from the storage bucket and then it should execute on the files.

I have tried using Balareva package but I think the macro should be embedded in word files.


Hi @gsriv1298 ,

It isn’t necessary for a word document to be macro enabled for it to work with macros.
You just have to head over to Trust Center and check the box for Trust Access.

If you can’t see the Developer Tab, then you have to right click on the ribbon and click Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
There you have to check the box for Developer on the right

Then you can try looping through each Word Doc and use an Invoke VBA Activity inside of each Word Scope.

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Ashwin A.K



But now I Have modified the macro code.
In the code, called each file and used functionalities. This worked for me.

Its always great to see people find solutions on their own!
We’d appreciate it if you could share the solution with the community so that it will benefit each other.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K