Download Studio (Community Preview) - Free Trial Download

I am following the UiPath Academy and I am at the stage “Build your first robot” within the RPA starter. I am being told to:
1 - Open the UiPath Start Trial webpage.
2 - Select Community Cloud
3 - Download Studio (Community Preview)

My issue is the link is taking me to my own Cloud Portal so I am unable to follow the guidance and download what is required.

Can anyone assist please?

Hi @nathan.lowe,

You can find the UiPath Studio/StudioX download link on your cloud home page.

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Hi - Thank you for the reply.

Is this version the same and what is required? I downloaded it previously but could not see the same screens and stages the academy guides you through.

Please select the appropriate profile while installing UiPath Studio (as mentioned in the RPA Starter course)

Studio Profiles

RPA Starter Course index

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Some of the videos on the academy are from older versions of UiPath unless they have updated them since I took those courses a couple months ago. The screens might not be exactly the same as the new ones, however the functionality between them should be very similar.

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