RPA Lifecycle,PDD And SDD Document,General Questions

1.Hii friends my basic question which is what is the RPA lifecycle and what is the role of developer in overall process lifecycle means creation of PDD and SDD document,TO Be Flow,Asis Flow
2.My general question is how to pass the data from one workflow to another workflow without using ‘ARGUMENT’
3.What is the use of Generate Data Table

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We should use Arguments to communicate between two different workflows.

If you don’t want to use Arguments then write the data into Orchestrator Assets and from there you can read it again.

It generates a DataTable from Structured text.



Developer will create SDD documents by referring requirements from PDD documents. AS-IS flow will be given by Business SME as per their current process. Developer should analyse the process and will find out automated things out of it. I.e. To Be flow.


Hey @someshwar2512

Here is the answers,

  1. Lifecycle is something common for Software development, so RPA

ReqGathering → Development → Testing → Deployment → Support → CR (and the cycle continues)

As developer,

  • Primary role will be in development and testing phase

  • Supporting role in other phases

  1. For passing data between workflows we have arguments which is nothing but similar to variables with extra power to transfer data outside or inside a workflow

  2. Generate Data Table will be an activity to convert delimited text into a data table (any delimiters like comma, space, etc)

For Example Below data can be converted into data table without building any logic.


Hope this helps


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