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Hi All,
I am facing problem designing the Solution of Below Process.
Can anyone help me in designing the Solution of This
Task1.xlsx (16.1 KB)

We have 3 Sheets: Employee, Address, Output
Copy all Content of Employee Sheet to Output Sheet
Match AddressId of “Employee” Sheet with AddressId of “Address” Sheet. If they match add the corresponding Address from “Address” Sheet to “Output” Sheet Else Write “NA” .
Print Reference in Output Sheet as Date and TimeStamp of the system at which the Address is added to the Output Sheet

The Final “Output” sheet should be similar to the “SampleOutputSheet”.

@shalu.mittal Please check below workflow and excel.

exp1.xaml (20.6 KB)

task.xlsx (10.0 KB)

Hi @Manjuts90
Thank you so much for the Solution but i couldnt understand this.

  1. In Read Range activity why range taken is “A1” why not the range of whole table?
  2. In Assign Activity of Try Block : what does below statements mean?

dtTemp = dtAddress.Select("[AddressId]=’"+row(2).ToString+"’").CopyToDataTable
noOfRows = dtTemp.Rows.Count


Range “A1” means, bot reads the data with starting range as “A1”. It reads whole table. You can also give range as whole table like “A1:C4” if you know the range of table.

In select statement, if addressid column in address datatable is checked against addressid of employee datatable. if values are matched matching rows from address datatable are copied to dtTemp datatable. If no matching records found then exception occurs the noOfRows set to zero.

Above statement is used to get no of rows in dtTemp datatable.

Depending upon noOfRows variable value, data is add to output datatable.