RPA Developer Production Ready course Issues


I’m going through the RPA Developer Production Ready course and I’m only up to the Data manipulation section.

I have some issue in that on many of the downloadable examples in this and previous sections I am getting the message couldn’t be downloaded. Which isn’t a big deal for most of the things because they are pretty straight forward, however they should be downloadable if there is a button there and it would be good to be able to check your work against a solution example.

I’m currently on Data manipulation Practice 3 Dictionaries and integers can’t download the example and I want to see how they used invoke method activity to add an item to a dictionary.

I understand that instead of using the invoke method you could install the Microsoft.activities.extensions package and then use the add to dictionary activity (which would probably be better and cleaner however I want to see how the invoke method activity works with arguments).

The documentation doesn’t mention how to enter the dictionary value arguments just that you have to put the dictionary name and add in the invoke method box you also need to put the key and value in there but it doesn’t say how in the documentation, obviously its via the properties I just think in a learning example it should be made clear.

If I could download the example that would be fine I could check that out but I can’t (along with many other example files, I don’t know if this is an issue that is just me or if there is a problem with the UiPath website)

The dictionary that you are adding to is a String, int32 and you have to add a new name and an initial count of 1 so I tried in the properties section of the invoke method to add name and 1 in the parameters collection and also string and int32 in the GenericTypeArguments collection but I’m still getting an exclamation mark

The error message looks like it is saying there is no add method for the dictionary?

Forget all this. The problem with downloading I believe is that there seems to be a problem with Microsoft Edge using chrome I don’t have this problem.

Now I can download the files I’ll be able to check the questions I had.

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