RPA Developer or Consultant?

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I see that most of RPA Jobs now a days come with a “Consulting” tag attached to them, which include advising the customer on RPA, identifying Automation Potential , Analyzing existing processes etc …

I assume that a Developer and Consultant are different roles and one cannot fully do the other persons job … Appreciate your thoughts and experiences and on this topic …

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I’m a consultant which started last week. My title is “Software Engineer”. I’m in the RPA team. I will go to customer in next a few weeks.

Developer vs Consultant?

I’ll go to customer as a consultant and i will develope for them. For my job, i think they have same responsibilities. Consultants develope for the customer, developers develope for their own company.


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Well basically Developer is just for developing a solution while Consultant is for everything, including developing a solution.

So if you are a Consultant it is expected of you to do:
*Talking to customers about RPA
*Talking to your team about RPA
*Helping customer find appropriate processes for RPA
*Developing POC
*Developing a solution
*Writing down PDD documents.

Most of the companies that are doing RPA implementation don’t have proper Center of Excellence and most of the time everyone is doing everything (which is bad)

SO basically Consultant = everything, developer = developing a solution.