RPA Developer licence allocation for AD groups

In Orchestrator If I add an AD group as having an RPA licence does every user in that group immediately get allocated a licence from what’s available? Or do they get allocated dynamically depending on who is signed in to assistant?

Hi @Craig1

If the orchestrator is licensed all the users & groups they can use the same features of the orchestrator as like admin ,instead of that you can set limited permissions to the users and their roles so they can use only allotted things.

Manage access>groups>users>Invite users or Invite bulk users etc.


yes, it depend who is signed it first

for example:

you have AD = 8 and you have 10 installed Studio. so automatically only 8 Studio with status connected and licensed. the 2 studio keep connected but are unlicensed.


Thanks that’s what I was needing to know.

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