RPA Developer advanced certification exam

I am planning to take UiPath certification exam soon and I have couple of questions.

  1. How soon after exam do you get results? I am planning to retake exams before March 31st in case I don’t pass first time
  2. I know I have to score more to pass if I attempt exam again. So if I don’t pass first time then how much do I need to get next time? 75%? and what about third time?
  3. In the scoring guidelines it says 2 extra points for advanced so for example if for data manipulation if I am rank advanced I will get 4+2=6 points and in total I need 70 to pass.
    Thanks in advance for your response.


Sometimes You will get result in 30 mins or within Couple of hours max.

If First attempt is not cleared, they will provide what mistakes you did in first rectify it. I am not sure about the percentage for each attempt but i think it will be same. Don’t think about Percentage much. If you pass the exam they won’t show the percentage, if you fail only they will show the percentage.

If you use advanced method you will get extra points. But you can’t check the marks individually marks.

Some more information.

  1. Don’t hardcode any values inside the workflow, Get the values from Config file.
  2. Rename the activities which you use in the workflow.
  3. you to get the Credentials from windows credential manager.

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