RPA business opportunity

Hello everybody,

i finished the Reboot your skills program, it was very nice and from the start i began to see how many opportunities it offers, so i started to think from the business side, this software can truly save a lot of time.

I am thinking at making a company of my own and make different projects for some small companies, but only after i can know allmost everything about this software, first i will try to freelance to take a good taste of the industry, after i will get my certification. I am a mechanical engineer and in the company i work i saw a lot of opportunities for using RPA, but i want to do RPA like a partner not like a employee.

But thinking about business, i have a few questions:

  1. How can a client use the project i am creating? He needs to install the Uipath Studio also and i will send the client the file, or his computer will connect to mine and it will start the project? And the other thing, how does the project start? The client needs to click on the project file or it will start whenever he receives some files that need work on?

  2. There were some packages on the site where there were only like 2 robots at your disposal, so for example if i have 10 clients that want to work with my uipath robots, they need to wait until one of those 2 robots will be free?

I searched for these answers on the internet but i did not found anything, i hope that the post is not boring and that you guys can help me make a clear idea about the business opportunity of the RPA.

Thank you, Uipath community, you are the best! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to find the answers to these questions, eh.

I also asked these questions when I studied this topic. And I also didn’t find any answers to them. However, a completely different strategy came to my mind. I decided to move away from the RPA business, applying the principles I learned in the field of the graphical interface.
Of course, I needed a powerful software bundle in pre-launch, and I found it by contacting one company. Now I use their services and am fully focused on my work.
If you still want to develop in RPA, you should talk directly with an experienced developer.