RPA Bot Unable to read excel files with size >=20MB

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Currently for one of my projects I have to read macro enabled excel file whose size > = 20 MB. The bot is very slow anf I fear the data might get corrupted.


Bot will be slow because of the huge data or may be the excel containing formula and macros.

Earlier I used to process 79MB file and I don’t found any data lost issue

Try installing UiPathTeam.XLExcel pacakge. It will run quicker and is dedicated for Extra large files. Reference https://go.uipath.com/component/read-extra-large-spreadsheets.


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Could you also see if there is a difference between Excel Application Scope activities and the Workbook activities? I feel like the Excel Application Scope should still be able to open the file.

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@Juveria can you let us know if the solutions suggested worked ?

@HareeshMR My file is of 22MB and it contains around 20 sheets .I am able to read almost all sheets.But my problem Uipath read range activity is not able to read Few sheets which do not have the top column heading.It is able to read them but only those column which have headers…
I want all the data from the excel file.And also those header column have formula attached so What could be the possible error,if anyone can help would be great help.

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Hi ,

Can you please share a sample file.

Also, in Read activity, properties, unchek header option.

Sure I will share and also I Have unchecked the headers also but same problem.[quote=“Juveria, post:7, topic:145057, full:true”]
Hi ,

Can you please share a sample file.

Also, in Read activity, properties, unchek header option.
(upload://AvNPj7pW5CQZ9IP72T7zDefORai.xlsx) (332.1 KB)
This is a sample excel file which I am unable to read the first column.
Test2.xaml (6.8 KB)
This is my xaml file.
Please review …

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I cannot download your excel, though I tested your code with a dummy excel with no heading(Empty values) in header, it works fine(unless you have data, rather than header name).

Would it be ok for you to re-share it on juverisiddiqui0803@gmail.com

I have shared the excel file with you in your email…
Please try to read the first column in the shared excel file.

Thank you .

I tested your code using the file provided by you and I can retrieve all the information from all the columns !
Please try to re-install you package(UiPath.excel.activity)

Hi Siddhant,

Please find the solution.
1.I run a macro to add temporary columns to your sheet. The input to run the macro using Invoke VBA activity in UiPath, is the sheet name and range. Attaching the macro. also emailed you the solution.AddColumns.txt (404 Bytes)