RPA Advance Training Assignment Performer

Hai while running performer the first transaction is successful but during the second transaction i am getting error in selector part of click

Yeah I was stuck there for a week but i could able to solve it.
Please share a screenshot of the error you are facing

Kindly make sure that the selector is smart to take dynamic attribute value
Like take a element click on it and get the selector
Again go to next page and click in that same element
Compare them so that we will get to know which attribute has dynamic value in it
And once found replace that dynamic attribute with a wildcard symbol *

Cheers @vineethkumar_VK

Use a Dynamic selectors, to run your process smoothly…
and send the screenshot, where you getting the error…

yes i will do it

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@vineethkumar_VK The selector must be like


I think if you use a repair selector then you might end up with above-mentioned selector.

I have compared two selectors of first transaction and second could’nt find the dynamic attribute

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the repair selector is hidden for me

Channge your selector to what i have shared in the screenshot

ok got it is this click placed inside a attach window activity
Cheers @vineethkumar_VK

Use two click activity, for first click activity use below selector.

And For second click activity ,