Process transaction 2 Selector Issue

these are 2 diff selectors , for 1 n 2 process transaction can u help me where to add dynamic selector???

hi @Syed_Arshad

I don’t see any difference between the two selectors…
Can you please elaborate on your query ?

Can you send me the screenshot , where you want to use this selectors???..

in system create yearly report after running from main its able to take process transaction1 for next process transaction id 2 im not go save report

after running succesfully , for process transaction 1 updating it then next taxid save option selector error im getting

is this click activity is placed inside a attach window activity choosing that popup as a element

Cheers @Syed_Arshad

its under sequence there’s a click activity where i indicated save ( dropdown)

kindly include that in a attach window activity and try once
Cheers @Syed_Arshad

After this it’ll proceed to process transaction 2?..

you will get to know the dynamic attributes, replace them with wildcards and then it would work
Cheers @Syed_Arshad

i have attach window n checked , i couldnt find dynamic attibutes to be replaced by wild card

its still the same (526.5 KB)


i checked by adding wildcard … also

if i add * its not proceeding to 1st transaction excel sheets download report, ‘’
if remove * only 1st transaction is working…
in selector for save n … save as

@vinay_reddy these are selectors , I modified using wildcard but also no result it’s exiting the whole workflow