RowCount to percentage

I have a dynamic table so that’s why I’m gonna use dt.Row.Count. Let’s say that there are 253 rows in the data table, I need to set 253 as 100% and then it should decrease the percent as it iterates through the rows because I need to do various actions at 85%, 10%, 5% and 1%.
How should I do that?

Hello @s0biesky ,

As you are getting the Row Count and if the column to add the % is static you can use while loop
Just add a condition (i<=Row.count) and inside the while you have to use the write cell activity and the cell number you can make it dynamic by passing the i value.For eg: Bi (if i is 2 then the cell will be B2) and for the value you have to calculate the %. (for eg: *(i/Row.count)100)

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