Row Column allignment

Hi Community,
I need a solution. I am getting merged data in a specific row but I wanted to arrange the data one after another row.

This is extracted all merge data .
But I need like below image.
Row wise
Is there any Excel operation by which we can achieve that?

Hi @Abhoy_Kumar_Mondal

I’m not sure about a particular excel activity that would accomplish this, but to accomplish this in code you would need to do some serious string manipulations and structuring a datatable object with the results of your string manipulations.

The issue is, you need logic to identify how to split up the string. You’d need to provide information about what strings are always the same or if there are any patterns in your logic that indicate how it should be split up. If the words are always the same you could match on them using regular expressions or using the GetIndexOf method of string class + Substring + Split methods. This is exceedingly complicated though.

How are you extracting this data or obtaining it to begin with? Aiming to retrieve it in a different format might be a more fruitful endeavor.


  1. From where is it extracted?
  2. If from pdf…read using preserve format
  3. Or you can go with regex or split activity if you know start and end of each string