Round up cdlb

Hello! I hsve this:


And it will be: 45 673,552 - for example. Studio get me: 45 673,55 . But I need 45 673,56
I need also round up
Help me, please

Use System.Math.Ceiling((cdbl(sumT)+cdbl(sumN)+cdbl(suml))*1.2, 2).


I have this problem

Ah, there’s no parameter for decimal precision for the ceiling function.
Here’s a mathematical way of going about it: System.Math.Ceiling((cdbl(sumT)+cdbl(sumN)+cdbl(suml))*1.2*100)*0.01.

This multiplies the value by 100, moving the decimal place over by 2, takes the ceiling, and then moves the decimal back into place.

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thank you so much

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