Round a value

Hi Team,

I am trying to round up an amount which is not working correctly. I am using

48,743.98 - Output coming correctly as 48,744
48,743.50 - showing wrong result as 48743 instead of 48,744
48,743.10 - showing wrong result as 48743 instead of 48,744
621639.10 - wrong result as 6,21,639 instead of 6,21,640
how to fix this ?


You can use Math.Round

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@Robotics - Math.Ceiling will ceil to the upper number even for a small decimal value.
To fix this one - use Math.Round - it will round to the next upper number based on 50%.


Still i am getting the same result only. Below is my code

Variable : SettlementAmount(String) = 6,21,639.10
Storing result in Variable : SettlementAmount(String)

Result : 6,21,639
Expected : 6,21,640
Let me know what i need to change here

You should provide a Decimal or a Double to Math.Round:


And I just saw I misread your opening post, sorry…:


When using CInt, you already rounding the original value: you were trying to apply Math.Ceil to an integer.

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Yes its working as expected, thanks a lot…