Round Date to closest month

Hi friends,

Looking to round up/down a date to the nearest month ( > 15). Would be great if it could also round up to the next year if it was, lets say 12/25/2019 to January 2020.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Hi @efleurent,

You can use .AddMonths(num) method to do this. Let’s say you have var1 which have 12/25/2019. Use **var1.Date;**it will return you the date .To store date in integer variable let say date1 . Now if date1>15 then var1.AddMonths(1) else var1.AddMonths(-1).

Hope it helps.


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clever solution! Worked perfectly. Thanks a lot @anmolk171 :slight_smile:

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No worries. Happy Learning.

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