Month change

Hai folks,

I need a code for month change
if client given a month as June means i want to change july

@veera_g Add one month for the date example if client give this month you can add this code DateTime.Now.AddMonths(1).ToString or can you share the format how you are getting

its adds only for current month

but i need if am given a specfic month we wand to add to after

for eaxmple the input is june i need a result for july


Can u please share Your workflow ???

Parvati Thalal :slight_smile:


input_month = “JULY”

Datetime.ParseExact(input_month ,“MMMM”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).AddMonths(1).ToString(“MMMM”)

You can refer here

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