Rotate the column values one by one

Hello all, I have excel sheet which contain in sheet 1
having this 4 names . I want to display this one by one in message box
how it is possible

Hi @dhanashree22

Read range the excel

Use For each row in datatable

Use message box Currentrow(“YourColumnName”).toString


Hii ,

First use read range , assign one output variable that will be in datatable.

Take for each row for declared datable, then in for each row take message box activity pass “row(“Columnname”).tostring” or “row(rowindex).tostring”

this will print your output

it gives error. like non invocable member ‘CurrentRow’ can not be used like method
gives error in message box

Hi @dhanashree22

Please refer to the Screenshots to process!


Process Steps


yes i did this one i take excel scope application and then read range and then for loop

bt still it gives error in message box


Can we have your screenshot of your process like above!


Hi @dhanashree22

Please give a try, instead of currentrow(0).tostring use row(0).tostring


My error getting solve using this
CurrentRow[“Company Name”].ToString()

Thank you for co operate .

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