Root Element is Missing: UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities

A number of our automations utilize the SharePoint activities package to download files from a SharePoint site. Recently some newer developers on our team have been unable to run these activities on their local device and get a ‘Root Element is Missing Error’ on the Get Children Names activity. Other individuals are able to run these activities with no issue. Based on the individuals experiencing the issue, we believe that it may have to do with some developer’s having newer version of UiPath. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue are appreciated!


Hi @Sarah_O_Donnell

The URL should be something like:

Then you would be able to get the children from the folder on sharepoint.



The URL for this activity is correct and runs successfully for some users. The error seems to be exclusive to users with newer versions of UiPath.

Thank you

Hi @Sarah_O_Donnell

can you verify versions of both packages? Ones you are using and ones who are using new version of UiPath.

Also, are you both using Windows or Windows-legacy.


It is the same set of code for all users running the automation. The package is in windows legacy and is either run using studio or UiPath assistant. The only difference between users seems to be when UiPath Studio or Assistant was downloaded by the user.