Robot unresponsive - Memory NOT releasing

Hi everyone,

We have an issue with a robot running. There is a trigger (freq: every 5min) of a dispatcher process, which retrieves outlook emails and depending on the received, just creates queues.

The robot is unattended and uses an RDP session to connect to windows and perform the runs.
Probably because of the load of signing in/out to Windows, there is an issue of resources on the machine, so the robot becomes unresponsive after some time.

Despite the fact that we have the same configuration on a UAT Env., the issue appears only in PROD. (!!)
Is there a way to solve the issue? Do you know why this increasing memory happens?



Check for any start up services that have been added and remove them if not necessary.

You can check in taks manager whihc are added to start when windows start


What we usually do as best practise is kill a process before using it. So we have a clean up stage (where we terminate all processes), then we initialise all data and then process the data. It’s something small but we’ve seen a huge difference, especially when working with browsers and Excel

Hi @Jacqui_M and thank you for replying.

I totally agree with this and it’s a practice that we already use in the process.
All processes are killed on initialization as well as in the end.

I think that the problem occurs because of the way the robot signs in/out of Windows every 5 minutes, to check just for new incoming emails in Outlook.
After some time the machine is overloaded in memory.

thank you @Anil_G for the reply

I will ask for IT to check that, but don’t think there are so many of them that could produce the issue.

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