Robot Machine on AWS workspace

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I have configured Robot machine on AWS workspace, Now I need Orchestrator and unattended robot connectivity.
I connect to aws workspace using amazon workspaces and not RDP.
How do I achieve it connectivity between two?


Hi @roma.sodha,
As soon as your Robot Machine have internet or network (for own Orchestrator deployment) you can just connect your robot with orchestrator and use unattended robot.

Hi Pablito,

Seems connectivity issue between Robot machine and Orchestrator server.
I have load balancer between Orchestrator and Robot machine.


Do you have your own Orchestrator deployment or you are using Community one?

I have orchestrator deployed on aws.

So you need to configure AWS in the way so it will be available to the machine where Robot is installed. Then you simply need to connect robot to Orchestrator. This instruction should help:

It’s done, there was connectivity issue between load balance and robot machine

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Does it need to be an Enterprise Edition for the robot to run when AWS workspace is closed?

Hi @ethan05,
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Enterprise Edition have robot process running under system thread. So if you have user logged out or screen is locked then service is still running in the background. In Community Edition this service is running under current user thread so when user is logged out or screen is locked service will not respond for anything.


Hi @Pablito

Thanks for your reply, appreciate it.

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