RoboCorp vs UiPath Selectors

would anyone know how to translate this RoboCorp/Robot Framework selector into a UIPath selector?


the “span[@class=“hiring-pipeline__profile-count”” seems to translate to
“” but what does the anchor translate to?

UIPath seems to be ignoring the idx=‘4’ because when I run it just as is it says there are multiple elements with that selector but there is only one with idx=‘4’

Hello @chuck.jowett

What js the contest of this change from robocorp to uipath?? Is it just for a verification or to move automation to uipath??


Hi @chuck.jowett,

As per a quick check the two approaches using RPA Challenge website on element Instructions

From RPA Challenge website → Inspect on Instructions label

body > app-root > div.body.row1.scroll-y > app-rpa1 > div > div.instructions.col.s3.m3.l3.uiColorSecondary > div.row > div.col.s12.m12.l9

UiPath strict selector

<html app='msedge.exe' title='Rpa Challenge' />
<webctrl aaname=' Instructions ' tag='DIV' />

I have not dug into the details, but I am sure of one approach which might give you some ideas.
The newly launched Robocorp Automation Studio allows you to convert UiPath/BluePrism or Automation Anywhere workflows to Robocorp Robot

You could thereby reverse engineer your need to learn more about what is happening between the two different approaches with respect to full/partial xpath in Robocorp vs. strict/fuzzy selectors from UiPath.

I remember that Robocorp Automation Studio struggles to interpret modern activities in UiPath so I recommend if you do this test, use classic activites in UiPath and then do the conversion of that file in Robocorp.

The latter. robocorp isn’t seeing all 25 of the repeating blocks on the page and therefore has unpredictable results. Not that determining the selectors in robocporp was completely successful but I figured why experiment all over again.