Can we use direct xpaths and other identifiers like in other automation tools

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I’m new to UiPath and RPA. I am studying the usage of UiPath as a test automation tool. UiPath uses various selectors to locate an element while most of the test automation tools support using unique ids, XPath, tag names, etc. I have few questions regarding this. Could you kindly help me to understand this?

  1. Why UiPath uses all these search logics and selectors without directly using ids or XPath.

  2. Why does UiPath use a screenshot of the element we want to find in the UiPath sequence? What happens when the UI changes and that exact look is not there anymore?

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I answer cautiously because your question indicates a not complete understanding … or I misinterpret the questions :wink:
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  1. if I remember correctly XPath is used to analyze document structures. The recognition of elements (buttons, tables, web page elements) do not always have an XML structure. UI elements are structured differently depending on the application.

  2. the picture is only an aid for the development to orient itself more easily and/or one can it also to documentation one. If the image changes, it is normally not updated. But you can also change it in Classic Activities.

Does this bring you further?

Hi @MarioHerrmann ,
Thank you very much for the response. Yes, I think I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the information and hence am confused a bit. But your answer cleared it up.Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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