RHEL installation on VMWare

I am trying to install Insights on-premise.
However, we are using VMWare to host our servers instead of Azure. In Azure, the RHEL 9.0 (LVM) version installs with the required mountpoints as shown in the insights instructions. When i install RHEL with the iso from RedHat, the mount points are not the same.

Screenshot with expected mounts points (top) and actual mountpoints (bottom).

How do I configure the RHEL installation to get the required mountpoints as shown in the instructions?
I see there is an option to download the offline RHEL bundle but im not sure how to make use of it.

Hi Hogchitarra,

There is no issue here. If you want your mount points to look like what you see on Azure, contact your linux admin or reach out to Redhat for help.

Currently, you have a single mount that is mounted to the root directory. In linux, you can mount disks to folders.

In Azure, they mount the root folder ‘/’ to a disk and then mount the folder ‘/var’ to a different disk.

All of this is abstracted from our application. We just a see a folder. All we care about is that we can write up to 10GB of data to the disk that /var is mounted on. You have plenty of space.

Finally, the reason I say contact your linux admin or redhat is because disk configuration typically falls into administrative tasks outside of the scope of our software configuration.